Clinicians face a daily challenge to stay up to date with new and emerging best practices. The all-new Thrombosis Clinic will introduce new resources and new types of connected learning tools clinicians need to streamline their information gathering and support practical, lifelong learning.

  • Advanced professional education for the complete healthcare team, primary care physicians, all specialists, NPs, PAs, nurses and pharmacists;
  • Provide clinicians access to evidence-based strategies that can be immediately employed in practice;
  • Connect to Elsevier's comprehensive educational content via open access to relevant clinical publications;
  • Power the learning experience with the ArcheMedX Connected Learning Platform to simplify the clinician's natural learning actions:
Thrombosis Clinic

Learner Features

  • Engage in formal and informal learning activities
  • Connect and learn from faculty and colleagues in small, trusted learning cohorts
  • Take notes in real-time, from within the lesson and synched to the educational content
  • Receive personalized reminders via email or text message
  • Search for and filter related content: news, journals, and supporting material
  • Track activity in personal learning streams
  • Download, email and share notes and reminders

Educational Planner Features

  • Create interactive multi-media based lessons and virtual courses
  • Engage learners in real-time and update content and learning activities dynamically
  • Set default notes and reminders for learners
  • Assign and automatically index related educational content
  • Track and assess detailed learner activity

A key innovation of the all-new ThrombosisClinic site is the launch of a series of curriculum-based "Virtual Courses" designed to more effectively educate interdisciplinary teams through a structured, collaborative learning environment.

The synergistic partnership between Elsevier, AcademicCME and ArcheMedX allows for the delivery of innovative, comprehensive continuing medical education (CME) programs on the new website powered by the ArcheMedX Learning Architecture, an informatics-driven, connected learning platform.

Access to the new Virtual Courses, collaborative learning tools, and many other activities on will be available for registered learners beginning in the second half of 2013. To learn more about overall site plans and how the ArcheMedX platform and connected learning tools are being leveraged, please contact us below.

Sandy Breslow Director, Elsevier's Office of CME

Joel Selzer Co-Founder & CEO, ArcheMedX

Timothy Hayes, MD, PhD, President of AcademicCME